Reasons to Book A Nicaragua Vacation

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Reasons to Book A Nicaragua Vacation

Book a Nicaragua Vacation with Mango Time Beach Resort. Choosing a vacation destination can feel a little bit like choosing the right food to eat. Some cost more than others, and some promise good health and energy, and some just plain taste good. We can all agree on one thing: we want the most bang for our vacation buck. As well as, we want to go to a beautiful place. What we are talking about is experience return on investment (ROI). In short, we want a trip that will live on in our minds long after we have returned back home. With that said, here are three reasons you should consider to book a Nicaragua Vacation.

It’s Affordable

Food and lodging in Nicaragua are from one-third to one-half the price of comparable accommodations in Costa Rica. For example, in the colonial city of Granada, Nicaragua’s top tourist destination, you can find reasonably priced ($100 a night and less) lodging in hotels created from beautiful historic haciendas, and in beaches such as San Juan Del Sur lodging as cheap as $45 a night. Vacation real estate properties are also half the price of similar ones in Costa Rica or Belize.

It’s Beautiful

How many countries offer gorgeous beaches, warm water, great surf, amazing volcanos, and cloud forests – basically high-altitude, cloud-covered rainforests? In Nicaragua, you have San Juan Del Sur, the beach on which the 21st episode of Survivor was filmed, Vulcan Mombacho and Vulcan Maderas in Ometepe – where you will find hundreds of species of orchids, some rare, in the country – all within a short day trip.

Its People

Nicaragua, unlike America, is a collectivist culture, meaning they believe in strong community and family bonds, helping one another, and preserving a sense of community. Organizations like Communidad Connect and La Esperanza Granada – both of which engage travelers in community support functions such as cleaning up beaches and neighborhoods – also serve as important reminders to any vacationer – be grateful for what you have an act to protect it. That is a lesson that is well worth taking back home with you!


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