Surfing Nicaragua

Nicaragua is quickly becoming the travel destination of choice for surfers around the world


Surfing in Nicaragua is every surfer dream. A good Surf Trip should have certain elements. The first requirement would be consistent swell. Nicaragua receives plenty of southern hemisphere swell between the months of May through September.


The water temp and wind conditions are usually the next factors for most traveling surfers. The water temp for Southern Nicaragua is typically in the upper seventies for those months. The wind is unbelievably consistent. Almost all the Pacific is plagued by onshore winds starting late in the morning and persisting until the early evening.


Due to the relatively short distance between the Pacific and Atlantic in Southern Nicaragua, and the effect of Lake Nicaragua’s location, you will likely be blessed with offshore wind all day long. Nicaragua features thundering beach breaks and just about every type of reef set up. In other words, it is easy to find the right waves for you and your crew.


If your feeling ambitious, you might test your luck at the heaving left slab. Also known as Outer Reef accessible from only the best Nicaragua surf camps.


Astillero just five minutes to the north offers various reef set ups, as well as hard-hitting beach breaks. The best way to see every wave during your Nicaragua surf trip is to charter a boat and be shuttled to each spot.

All Inclusive Vacations Nicaragua

Nicaragua Surf Trip is a premier Nicaragua surf resort


We are strategically located near the southern end of Astillero bay boat launch. The bay actually faces north, making boat launch possible, even during the strongest swells that Nicaragua surf is renowned for.


A week on a boat with a good surf guide will leave your arms completely noodled out. Priceless memories to justify the soreness. If the swell is pumping during your stay, you could clock more barrels per hour than anywhere else on the planet. Nicaragua Surf Trip is considered one of the best Nicaragua surf camps. We keep you and your crew on the best possible combinations of spots for all of your Nicaragua surf trips.


If this is your first Surfing Trip in Nicaragua, pack lots of sunscreen and prepare your arms for battle. Nicaragua surf tends to keep you in the water for much longer than you are likely used to. When it comes to picking the Nicaragua surf resort that is right for you, logistics will be a big factor. Only the best Nicaragua surf camps will get you on the best conditions possible, as early and often as possible.


Our mission to make sure you get more waves and more memories than you could have possibly expected. Nicaragua Surf Trip simply gets you there faster. Contact us now, to get a custom surf package for you, or for your entire group.