Surfing In Nicaragua

Nicaragua Waves

Surfing In Nicaragua

We recommend you to do surfing in Nicaragua. It has some of the best waves in all of Central America. Moreover, solid swells connecting with both sandbar and reef set ups. Also, the  blessed the southwestern coastline with consistently offshore winds. Nicaragua is becoming a premier surf destination.

Waves are consistent much of the year, and with steady offshore winds coming off of Lake Nicaragua, the largest lake in Central America, the result is reliable surf conditions along the Pacific coastline. Further, the southern hemisphere provides solid swells from April till September.

When is the surf season?

That depends on your skill level. Larger southern hemisphere swells and light offshore winds occur from April to September resulting in larger waves. From December to March, hosts waves that are typically waist to chest high and better suited for beginners.

What are the best surf spots?

San Juan del Sur and Rivas are surf cities in the south that benefit from the strong offshore winds. Maderas and Popoyo are two popular surf beaches with consistent waves. Maderas is a shifting beach beak with a shallow reef section known as Machete point. Popoyo consists of multiple reef sections.

The inner reef is one of the most well known surf spots in Nicaragua breaking both left and right, and the outer reef is more suited for experienced surfers and only really starts to work with double overhead surf or larger. Some locals wait all year for the largest swells to try to negotiate the multiple barrel sections. Just outside Rivas, at Playa Colorado, flow from the river mouth combines with offshore winds to create a wave that is sought out for its hollow barrels.

North of Playa Colorado is Panga Drops, which is known for unusually large sets that come out of nowhere and provide less technical fun rides. Just north of Playa Colorado’s is Santana’s or Playa Jiquelite. Santana’s is a mostly sand bottom beach break. The swells bounce off the rock wall to the south to create double ups and enlarged peaks all down the beach.

Surfing In Nicaragua

Nicaragua’s, Playa Colorado heaving.

Where Should You Stay?

Many different surf camps are located in these regions, some more crowded than others depending on the season. However, there are also several alternatives with locals such as basic guesthouses with dorms to private cabina’s. Many hotels in San Juan del Sur are also surf camps or provide surf rentals and guides. Rates typically peak during the holidays and weekends. Also, we recommend to do a reservation when planning your trip. Although, there are less accommodations up north near Popoyo, many surfers would agree that the wide variety of surf more than justifies staying in the area.

With year round surf, welcoming locals, and affordable accommodations, once discovering the abundance of surf in Nicaragua, you are not likely to want to go anywhere else.


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