Nicaragua Surf Trip Packages

Nicaragua is known for its quality of surf


Nicaragua Surf Trips is becoming well known for high-quality accommodations for the traveling surfers, who know Nicaragua has the best Surf Trip packages anywhere!

The surf in Nicaragua is surprisingly better than most of the neighbors in Central America. The strange shape of the Americas as they thin out heading south from the U.S. puts additional pressure on the already powerful trade winds. The trade winds blowing east to west from the Caribbean only intensify the otherwise calm conditions. The giant freshwater lake is Lake Nicaragua’s effect on local weather. The freshwater lake with relatively cool water is a slingshot to the trade winds that already blow east to west all along the equator due to the relatively short distance between the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans in Southern Nicaragua. 


Offshore winds and perfect conditions


The offshore winds also blow all day and all through the night. It is a mind-boggling phenomenon, and you won’t quite understand the significance until you experience it firsthand. Along with the wind, the food, and the genuinely lovely people of Nicaragua, make this place top the list of surf destinations worldwide. The waves maintain perfect shape all day, unlike any other surf spot in the world. The Nicaraguan currency gives a favorable rate to gringos, so your money goes a long way.

Perfect water temperature and wind conditions, along with consistent swell, put Nicaragua Surf Trips at the top of the list when picking destination surf spots.

A premier surf destination


Nicaragua receives plenty of southern hemisphere swell between May and September and has perfect wind and water temperature conditions.

Nicaragua is home to heavy beach breaks and many different reef setups with plenty of varying shoreline configurations. For traveling surfers, it is easy to find the right waves for you and your crew. We have the spot for you if you’re taking a family trip or have a fearless, hard-charging group.


All these spots are accessible daily


1. Outer Reef Popoyo


This wave abruptly hits a very shallow shelf. The channel there is deep, in front of Popoyo, and the deep water funnels southern Hemi swells towards the shallow rock shelf. As the swell marches north, running out of deep water, each wave magnifies the energy. Finally, the thick waves detonate on the reef producing heavy barrels, with just a thin layer of water covering the rocks. If everything is up for you at the Outer Reef, you might bag the wave of your life. However, if you do not feel like it’s your day, you still have plenty of high-quality sand bottom and reef setups to choose from, just a quick boat ride away.


2. Astillero


Just five minutes north by truck from NST, Astillero offers a hard-hitting beach break at the far north side of the bay. You could walk from NST, but it’s hot sand, so don’t forget your sandals. Astillero is very sensitive to the tides. Mid-tide going from low to high is the best, but like most Central America, you must always be ready. These spots can go from good to epic with no notice, with lefts and rights coming off multiple peaks near the north side of the bay. There is a small river mouth, as Astillero is an estuary. The rainy season pushes the sand around and can produce some great surf.


3. Playgrounds


A short boat ride up north and Playgrounds offer up lefts and rights. The cobblestone bottom reminds one of Trestles in Southern California, except without the crowds. Super fun “skatepark” style waves, with ramps everywhere on suitable days! There is a surf camp there now; however, it has been accessible by boat for some time.


4. Chacocente


A fun beach breaks up north. Conditions change rapidly with the tide but expect a good chance of dry, beach break barrels. Frequently empty. Boat access only.


5. Playa Gavilan


Fun reef setup in front of the camp. Walking distance from MangoTime, with two or three reef setups. Nothing fantastic, and you will see a foil or a SUP out there more often than a short board.


6. Rancho Santana


Rancho Santana is one of Nicaragua’s most playful waves. “Rancho’s” is very tide-dependent, working mid-tide, going high. Peaky refraction waves bounce off the rock outcropping south of the bay. On a set, you will see A-frames marching down the beach as the sand bottom stays well-groomed, and the bounced refraction waves make for some enjoyable, playful conditions.


7. Playa Colorados


The most well-known spot in all of Nicaragua. “Colorados” is Nicaragua’s answer to Puerto Escondido. OK, that’s a bit of a stretch, but this beach break can take just about any size. It’s always questionable as far as the close-out factor when you get up there in size. However, so is every world-class beach break. You will see guys getting blown out of barrels up and down the beach if any swell runs. Surprisingly, even on the rare double overhead swell events, you will still see guys paddling into bombs that don’t look makeable, only to watch the spit seem to do most of the work—world-class beach break, accessible by boat.


8. Manzanillo


This is the furthest spot to the south, but it’s worth the trek. Otherwise known as ‘The Left”, this spot was on the cover of Surfer Magazine back in the ’90s. After an excellent easy take-off near the rocks, the wave gains size and speed as it peels down the reef. Usually, you will have time for one substantial cutback before the fastest section starts to line up. However, if you time things right, you will find a formidable barrel section in the middle of the wave. The shallow reef and the proximity to rocks make this wave feel pretty intense, although it’s pretty forgiving and playful. Unfortunately, this surf spot is by boat access.

Perfect location for family trips or serious surfers

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Nicaragua is the best country to surf on summer


We are located near the southern end of the Astillero Bay boat launch. The bay faces north, making boat launch possible, even during the most substantial swells that Nicaragua is known for.


A week on a boat with a good surf guide will leave your arms completely noodled out. Priceless memories to justify the soreness. If the swell is pumping during your stay, you could clock more barrels per hour than anywhere else on the planet. Nicaragua Surf Trip is considered one of the best Nicaragua surf camps. We keep you and your crew on the best possible combinations of spots for all of your Nicaragua surf trips.


If this is your first Surfing Trip in Nicaragua, pack lots of sunscreens and prepare your arms for battle. Nicaragua surf keeps you in the water for much longer than you are likely used to. Therefore, logistics will be a significant factor when picking the Nicaragua surf resort right for you. Only the best Nicaragua surf camps will get you in the best conditions possible, as early and often as possible.


Our mission is to ensure you get more waves and memories than you could have expected. Nicaragua Surf Trip’s gets you there faster. Contact us now to get a custom surf package built for you or your entire group.