Nicaragua Surf Trips


NST is in the wave-rich Rivas area of Southern Nicaragua; a mid-summer-week-long stay will put more barrels under your belt than you will get the rest of the year at your home break.

With good swell running, it’s always important to maximize time in the water for the surfers; Nicaragua Surf Trips is the closest surf camp to the Astillero boat launch. We like to get you in the water and to the best breaks faster than the other guys. With quick access to the boat launch, getting three sessions per day is not uncommon.


Central America has been known for great surf for some time, but Nicaragua is now recognized in the surf community for three hundred days a year of offshore wind. Nicaragua is a sure bet for excellent weather conditions combined with solid southern hemisphere exposure from April-Sept.

Wide variety of waves

With eight world-class surf breaks in the vicinity, Nicaragua Surf Trips offers a wide variety of waves to keep it fun for surfers of all ability levels.


Suppose you are a first-time visitor to Nicaragua or on the hunt for the most powerful wave in Central America. We have you covered. Outer Reef is a deep water heavy slabbing wave. It’s not uncommon to see guys with helmets paddling into sub-sea level barrels. If ten-foot slabbing Outer Reef sounds a little too heavy, the Popoyo main break offers some more intermediate waves.


Seasoned veterans looking for a high wave count on mostly rippable point type of surf will be happy staying with Nicaragua Surf Trips, as we have many different setups. With a wide variety of surf, we will ensure you get the best surf for your ability level. We will have you on the waves bright and early every morning and then push you to get your wave count up till the end of the day. Then, we will have you and the crew back to the lodge just in time for a toña and dinner. You will be exhausted but happy by the end of the trip.

Conformt and luxury

Stay in luxury with Nicaragua Surf Trips, with larger groups of 6-12 people, in the five-bedroom house. Smaller groups stay in the cozy four-bedroom home with AC in every room for smaller groups.


If this is your first trip to Nicaragua, be prepared for warm water, lots of rain, high humidity, and a few mosquitoes at night. The waves are amazing, but getting a good night’s sleep is critical. If you are traveling with a group of friends surf together back at home, you might consider staying in the smaller house with the pool and bbq onsite. You will pass the time making sure that the offshore winds are doing their thing.


The Beach Break Scene is excellent with the offshore winds. Some of the nearby reefs are a ton of fun, but the barrels at the local beach breaks, are very different from anything you have experienced. Getting three sessions per day for a week straight is not unreasonable. With the wind constantly blowing offshore, you will only be limited by the lactic acid build-up in your shoulders. Come prepared to spend more hours in the water each day than you have done since childhood.

Food and amenities included

Your stay at Nicaragua Surf Trips will include all food and amenities. You will have nothing to worry about except riding waves. Prepare to feel pampered and rejuvenated with numerous restaurants and fine local cuisine. Massage available on-site to relax after surfing.


Amazing waves are a standard-issue all summer down south in Nicaragua. However, wave and perfect conditions aren’t the only reason to plan a surgical strike with NicaraguaSurfTrips. Most guests are pleasantly surprised at just how good the local food is. 


Comida Tipica Nicaragüense is not only healthy, but it’s delicious. The small town of Astillero is just 2 miles north of NST; you will find a fishing village with fresh fish daily. A stroll through town will turn up the daily catch. Lobster, Mahi-Mahi, and Dorado are just a few of the local favorites. Ceviche is raw seafood served as an appetizer, and it is delicious!

Stay at Nicaragua Surf Trips with friends and family


Relax and enjoy the best all-inclusive surf vacation in all of Nicaragua. We have you and the family covered for extracurricular activities if surfing isn’t your thing.


We have everything you need onsite for-

  • Fishing poles rental
  • Spearfishing rental
  • Ocean kayaking rental
  • Dirt bikes rental
  • SUP boards rental


All available for rent on site. With three quality meals made to order daily, you must worry about which board to ride next or when to go fishing. We have all the logistics covered, and we pride ourselves on making everything easy. Come surf and relax!

Surfboard Rental $25/ day.
Dirt Bike Rental $100/ day.
Ocean Kayak Rental $25/ day.
Spear Gun Rental $25/ day.
Stand Up Paddle Rental $25/ day.
Fishing Rental